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Components for Test Systems
 BMC800 Controller

 BMC800 Universal Controller

The BMC800 is the universal test application controller used to easily control in closed loop independent servo-actuators or complete test systems. It is designed for a wide range of durability and performance testing equipment from the simplest to the most complex application.

Based on twenty years of experience, the BMC800 is a field-proven solution that integrates advanced digital technology used to control all the BIA test systems.


The BMC800 supports more than 8 control channels.

Each control channel is suitable for servo-hydraulic or servo-electric actuators, integrating servo-valve drivers, digital conditioners of main sensor signals, hydraulic service manifolds, hydraulic power unit and any other accessory control.

As a single package, BMC800 is supplied with UTM software which provides powerful control functions in a user-friendly environment.


Delivered with BMC800, UTM is a powerful and flexible software developed to control any testing application. The user can set up the hardware, define test procedures, run tests on specimen and perform post-treatment.

A User-Friendly Software

The UTM software provides an easy-to-use "drag and drop" environment for building standard and non-standard sequences. In this environment, you can link basic processes, including function generation (sinus, square, triangle, pause, imported file, etc…), data acquisition, events, and triggers, to quickly and easily build complex test cycles.