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 6 DoF Chassis Dynamometer



Protected by a worldwide patent, BIA 6-DoF Chassis Dynamometer combines the real rolling conditions with an interchangeable flat road surface. The mechanism is a one-wheel dynamometer on flat road surface with a 6-DoF actuator.

BIA compact and noiseless solution is availabe in three standard configurations that can be customized:

  • single-wheel to conduct tire or suspension tests
  • two-wheel to perform complete axle tests
  • four-wheel to evaluate the global behavior of vehicles


Like a chassis dynamometer, BIA 6-DoF Chassis Dynamometer is able to simulate the traction forces applied on the wheel (up to 7 kN) depending on the vehicle's characteristics, the road profile and the required speed.

The wheel itself undergoes up to six axes of motion, controlled in displacement or force and based on measured or user-defined surface profiles. All types of road conditions can be reproduced. Several kinds of belt surface are currently available.

Each module is instrumented to measure: When integrating a steering column actuator, it is also possible to perform dynamic steering test.

  • displacement/speed of each linear axis,
  • rotation angle/speed,
  • traction force applied to the wheel (torque),
  • flat road speed and load under central bearing,
  • additional load feedbacks when using an instrumented wheel.


Motion Frequency: Up to 50 Hz (100 Hz in Z axis)
Flat Road Surface Speed: Up to 250 Kph
Z Axis Acceleration: Up to 35 g
X And Y Axis Acceleration: Up to 15 g
Z Axis Displacement: ± 50 mm (± 150 mm in option)
X And Y Axis Displacement: ± 50 mm
Angular Displacement: ± 6° (± 12° in option)
Moving Table Mass: 250 kg