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Vehicle Dynamics
 Kinematics & Compliances


In order to maximize handling & ride performances of vehicles, BIA developed a noiseless fully electric Kinematics & Compliances test bench to measure quasi-static suspension characteristics.


From two to four wheels loading stations close loop controlled either in position, speed or force, this test bench allows suspension developers or manufacturers to realize vertical, lateral, longitudinal, rolling or steering tests. Combination of movements is also programmable.

With this large variety of input signals, effects of suspension geometry and steering characteristics are measured to enhance kinematic simulations and suspension development. For compliance measurements, effects of suspension springs, anti-roll bar and elastomeric bushes are evaluated.  


Since a vehicle is not completely rigid, accurate measurements can be realized on a vehicle axle fixed on a chassis frame. Testing bench can also be used with complete vehicle to get information in a real environment. To avoid tires effect on measurements, a dummy wheel had been developed. This accessory replaces any wheel since diameter and rim offset are adjustable.

Finally displacements, toe, camber and caster angles are evaluated by a measuring arm. Additionally, Center of Gravity measurement module can be added on this rig to multiply test capabilities.


 Wheel Base Adjustment  2 - 3.4 m
 Track Adjustment  1.4 - 1.8 m
 X  ± 50 mm
 Y  ± 75 mm
 X&Y  ± 8 KN,
0 - 100 mm/min
 Z ± 25 KN,
± 200 mm,
0 - 250 mm/min
 Z Rotation ± 300 Nm,
± 45°
 Position Accuracy 0.1 mm
 Load & Torque Accuracy

0.3 %

 Angle Accuracy