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 Head and Seat back Restraint


FMVSS 202a, CMVSS 202
ECE R17 and other similar standards

BIA solution can perform both Head and Seat Back restraint tests with high performance characteristics in a user-friendly software environment.

Using full electric actuators, this equipment can perform tests on up to 3 seats simultaneously. Each actuator can be independently controlled in closed loop, either in force, torque or position, at each step of the test sequence.

Depending on the size of the vehicle, the width of the torso located in the middle can be adjusted by steps of 10 mm.


• Thanks to a specific torquemeter with a double range calibration, measurements are accurate for both high and low torque.
Total accuracy: 0.5%

• Because of its linear guided displacement, the lateral load do not affected the headform force measurement.

• Displacement measurements are made through optical (linear and rotative) encoders.


Seat Back Torque: Up to 5 000 Nm
Seat Back Angle : 0-60°
Headform Force: Up to 2 000 N
Headform Stroke: Up to 600 mm