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 Roof Crush & Door Intrusion

FMVSS 214, FMVSS 216 and other similar standards

BIA Roof Crush & Door Intrusion test system offers great manoeuvrability, precision measurement and state-of-the-art data acquisition to quantify structural integrity with better accuracy and simplicity.

BIA solution can perform both Roof Crush and Door Intrusion tests. Its unique design enables vertical Roof Crush test. (Alpha angle can be set at 0°.)


• 4 tri-axial load cells to locate the load application point.
Accuracy of force measurement after software treatment: 0.5%
• Magneto-strictive position sensor to measure absolute displacement.


Roof Crush Alpha Angle : 0-40°
Door Intrusion Angle : 90°
Beta Angle : ± 20°
Max. Load : 250 kN
Max. Stroke : 1 m
Max. Vehicle Height : 2.10 m