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Environmental Test Chambers
 Walk-in Chambers


One chamber can combine several types of tests being carried out at the same time. As a turnkey solution, BIA can provide walk-in chambers integrated four-poster road simulator, multi-axial table or rolling bench.

Several chambers of the same or different types (ex. salt fog and low temperature thermostatic chambers) may be integrated in the form of test centres to accomplish many parallel full range tests governed by a powerful planning utility. This approach may revolutionize test politics of the big companies as it significantly reduces the test phase time.

To meet the increasing demand in the automotive, space and military industries, BIA has developed custom-designed walk-in chambers. These chambers can simulate a wide range of environment conditions and can fit voluminous product (up to 35 tonnes).


• Deep cooling up to the liquid nitrogen temperature
Atmosphere of salt fog and sun radiation simulation
Humidity and icing tests
Intake air treatment for the thermal motors (temperature, humidity, pressure)
Partial depression and high vacuum