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Many new Diesel engines generates high pressure peaks causing high stress levels on cylinder heads. BIA has developed new system to perform durability and fatigue tests on cylinder heads under actual pressure signals and frequencies. It uses hydraulic power supply and high dynamic servo-valves to simulate the combustion. A great variety of cylinder heads can be tested with quick and easy installation.

The control system provides closed loop control with multiple frequencies algorithm with FFT analysis and automatic cracks detection.


Simulation Engine Speed: 500 to 6000 rpm
Peak Pressure: Up to 250 bars
Cylinder Temperature: 60 to 180°C
Engine Type: 3 to 12 cylinders


New environment norms require engine manufacturers to reduce exhaust emissions by improving combustion efficiency. One way is to control air intake conditions by optimizing cylinder head and intake manifold designs. BIA has developed innovative equipment to perform three essential measurements on a wide range of cylinder heads: swirl, tumble and pressure drop (up to 0.2 kg/s air flow simulation).

To get high accuracy measurement, BIA solution integrates innovative swirl meter using honeycomb structure with high resolution torque measurement, associated with mass flow meter.


BIA solution measures the friction loss inside the cylinder block. Associated systems regulate the air pressure due to the combustion (up to 180 bars) and the water and oil circuit temperatures.


To evaluate the durability of water cooling circuit, BIA test system can simulate the vehicle configuration and then apply a realistic gradient of water temperature under actual pressure conditions.