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 Engine Simulation


BIA Engine Simulation test system is an innovative solution to simulate different configurations of the engine driven components such as steering pump, alternator, A/C compressor, crankshaft pulley and rollers. Before the production of the engine prototype, it permits to study the effects of dynamic torque loads on the engine driven components and to characterize the behaviour of the driving belt.


• Durability
• Cold engine start simulation
• Idle engine speed simulation
• Engine high speed simulation
• Start & Stop cycles

BIA Engine Simulator is made of an asynchronous electric motor associated with a hydraulic spinning rotary actuator. BIA UTM control software drives and synchronizes each actuator to reproduce the real crankshaft speed profile.

BIA Engine Simulation Performance

Reaction Inertia: 0.07 Kg.m2 Reaction Torque: 70 Nm

The specimen mounting plate is used to position the engine driven components in three-dimension.

The test system also simulates the working load of driven components like steering pump, A/C compressor and alternator.


• Torques and rotary speed of each driven components in real-time
• Belt temperature
• Belt idler position
• Belt beats (bending and twist)
• Microphones and noise analysers


Max. Speed: 8000 rpm
Max. Torque: 900 Nm
Max. Frequency: 600 Hz
Inertia: 0.01 kg.m2
Noise Level: 50 dBA at 500 rpm; 77 dBA at 4000 rpm
Climatic Conditions: -30°C to +140°C