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 Manual/Automatic Transmission


BIA provides advanced test solutions to evaluate and develop clutch, gearbox, synchronizer or complete transmission whether they are MT, AT or AMT. Durability tests (gear, bearing, differential, casing,…), Noise Vibration & Harshness analysis (NVH), efficiency and quality of gear change are some examples of test that can be performed.

BIA standard solution for complete transmission is composed of three direct drive asynchronous motors without intermediate gearing or belt. With its inline configuration design, BIA solution permits to reduce testing area and to ease integration of noise protection and climatic module.


 Passenger Vehicle Input Shaft Output Shafts (X2)
 Max. Torque 900 Nm 5 000 Nm
 Max. Speed 12 000 rpm 3 000 rpm
 Max. Inertia 0.2 kg.m2 17 kg.m2

BIA offers another important innovation in transmission and gearbox testing with its water-cooled input electric motor. Its very low inertia (0,2kg.m2) is especially dedicated to these applications. Thanks to this technology, noise and thermal emission are reduced and high dynamic performances are reached.

Energy consumption is optimized by connecting output electric motors to a power recycling unit. Each servo-motor is closed loop controlled in speed or torque which allows high precision.


The graphical display of BIA NVH Analysis software makes easier the setting of preventive defect detection and the post-analysis of any transmission failure. From accelerometer and speed transducer feedbacks, the control system provides FFT spectrum and automatically suggests the cause of the vibration defect.


In order to test complete transmission or components in different climatic conditions, a climatic box suitable for most gearboxes combined with a mobile climatic generator is available. Temperature ranges from -40° to +140°C with ±0.5°C accuracy.


In order to simulate the driving conditions and to evaluate the gear change quality, a driver cab can be added.